Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Currently

Can you believe it is August?
A friend of mine posted on Facebook
that today is every teachers nightmare.
Agree or disagree?
I have mixed feelings about it.
One reason I like the first of August
is so I can link up with Farley for

My font was created by Wizard of Boz.

It is completely silent in my house.
My four year old has been having a tough
time going to sleep lately.
I tried to keep her really busy today
and I think it worked.
She didn't make any noise.
I spoke too soon.
She just came out of her room!
Tomorrow is a day most teachers look forward to -
Getting into our classrooms!
Here is the good news -
I won't be able to leave my classroom.
My room is off the library
and the floors are getting waxed tomorrow.
That means I can get in and out
of my room from the outside,
but I won't be able to walk around the school.
My birthday is August 6th.
I think my birthday is more meaningful
now that I have kids.
They get so excited for my birthday,
that I get excited!
I think I mention this every month.
I live in the Chicago area
and July/August are supposed to be hot.
It hasn't been above 80 lately
and I don't like it!
You know my favorite hot and humid
weather will show up once school starts
and I can't go outside to enjoy it.
I'm great at washing/drying everything
and then not folding it.
I need to get that done soon!
B2S Must Haves:
1.  A new coffee mug - Just a fun way to start the year.
2. Krista Wallden Clip art - I love her work and can't decide
what to buy.  Any of her stuff will look so cute on school materials.
Here are a few I want to buy.
Borders MEGA Pack 2 {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}Colored Clipboard Clipart {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}KIDS Big Bundle! {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}
3.  Something special for yourself - Buy something to make
you feel good on the first day of school. 
You can get a haircut,
some new jewelry or a special new outfit.
It's your big day too!
I'm off to read some other responses.
I want to see what else everyone things I need to get!


  1. I love all of Krista's clip art...I buy from her a lot! Hope your 4 year old stay quiet :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. My birthday is in a few days too. Mine's Aug. 9th, apparently my mom's due date was the 6th but I wasn't ready for my grand debut. :) How exciting to be able to get into your classroom tomorrow. We just got an e-mail from our principal that the teachers in our building won't be able to get into their classrooms until maybe the 21st, thanks to roof construction. Can't wait to see pic of your class.


  3. Love Krista Wallden clipart!! I really like those borders! Oh man, time to shop again! lol. I'm excited to get into my classroom. I can't go til next Wednesday.

    KS and her Kids

  4. Hi Jeanette,

    I'm with you on wanting warmer weather. I was at a friend's cottage this week, and we were all wearing sweatshirts!

    I also agree that you need something new to wear that first week!

    I hope you have a great birthday!
    Learning in the Little Apple

  5. Hi Jeanette, I'd looove to send you some of my Austin, TX, warm weather - we've been at or over 100 degrees for the past several days! Ouch! My husband and I visited Chicago over the 4th of July weekend and were loving the weather. Happy early birthday!


  6. I've been eyeing a new coffee mug at Starbucks ALL summer. I think I need to just cave in and buy it. I always end up leaving my coffee mug in my car for way too long and ruin my mugs, though. :( Well, actually tumblers.

    The Adventures of a New Third Grade Teacher