Monday, December 30, 2013

Student Birthday Poster FREEBIE

Holy Cow!
It's been almost a month since my last post.
I needed some time to relax with my family
and generate more ideas to share with you.
Today is a FREEBIE idea
that I took from a colleague of mine.
It's a student birthday poster.
I put the premade sign on a large sheet of paper
and wrote the student's name.
Then all the kids in the class wrote a short
note to their classmate. 
I made sure I added a special note as well.
I'm lucky, because we have a laminator in our school
and so each poster gets laminated.
If you can't laminate, I suggest the children
glue the notes to the poster.
You can get the sign for free by clicking below.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Five for Friday - No theme, just ideas

It's Friday!
My kids were nuts today.
Our schedule was off this week
between holiday concert music practice
and mid-year ELA testing
and Winter Break coming in two weeks.
To celebrate the end of the week,
I'm linking up for...
1.  There is a big FRENZY happening
on Facebook.
You like some pages and walk away with
a bunch of great freebies.
Click on the image below.
It will take you to a google doc.
Open the it and then you can
get to any Frenzy!
2.  I made these grammar task cards for my kids
and they loved them.

 I put the cards around the room
and the kids record their answers.
 There are three different sets
in the whole pack.

3.  I saw this idea and I think I'm going
to make them for my students.
It's something little,
but I know they will love it.
Click on picture and you'll go right to the directions.
4.  Winter temps are here!
I dislike winter and the cold.
5. I made these the other day
and they were delicious!
The best part - only 3 ingredients
if you don't use the whipped topping.
The recipe calls for a mini cheesecake pan,
but I used mini muffin tin.
Cook them for about 1/2 the time
stated on the recipe.
So there you have it - 5 random thoughts for the week.