Saturday, August 17, 2013

Healthy Habits, Happy Teachers - A Linky Party

It's a new school year
and we all have so many ideas
and goals for our kids.

But it's also important that
we take care of ourselves.
That is why I decided to 
host a linky party.
Come on over and share
one or more healthy tips,
recipes or even products
you think we could use.
Breakfast is such an important meal.
One way I make sure my family
has a healthy start to the day
is by making these baked oatmeal muffins.
I make them on the weekend and just freeze them.
Take a few out the night before and
they are ready to eat by morning.
Mine don't have cranberries.
I usually add blueberries and bananas.

Next is lunch.
The biggest tip I can give is
pack your lunch the night before.
You are less likely to scramble around
in the morning and just throw anything in your bag.

Dinner is always a tough one for me.
After working all day,
I go and pick up my two little girls.
Once we get home, I have to cook dinner.
One thing that really helped me out last
year was freezing and preparing some meals on the weekend.

I use this link all the time for "Dump" chicken.
Basically, you put the chicken, seasoning, sauces, etc.
in a bag and freeze it.
Then when you need a meal,
take it out and bake it.
The prep work is already done.

So there you have a few of my tips.
I would love to hear your ideas.
Add the button to your post and link
back to here.
I'll keep the link open for a month,
so come back if you find other ideas.
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  1. this whole post is a superb idea....
    i make pancakes for the kids on the weekends and freeze all the extras for breakfasts during the week. SO much healthier and cheaper than buying store bought. i reheat them in the toaster! YUP... i toast them up.