Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Being A Good Classmate - Book, Chart and Freebie

Have you started school yet?
How is it going?
We've officially been in class a week
and we are slowly getting into the routine.
Some other teachers and I were discussing
how we always forget the time it takes
to get the kids to act "just right."
I'm trying a little something new this year.
I started by reading
It's a reminder that everything you say
and do affects others.
Then we made a chart together.

Lately I've been referring to the chart.
If someone is interrupting, not following a rule, etc.,
I ask them if they are being a good classmate.
I found myself saying more than I wanted
to during the day, so I'm going to try something.
I had seen these on Pinterest.
The teacher just placed them on a student's
desk when they needed a little reminder.
I wanted my cards to go along with our chart,
so I made some new ones.
Click on them to download them for free.
Have you tried any new classroom management
strategies so far this year?

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