Saturday, August 3, 2013

Five for Friday - Looking for lots of advice and suggestions

Five for Friday is back
and I love their new button.
1.  We are taking my daughter to another carnival today.
It has a Ferris wheel and she can't wait!
She read a book about a little girl
who rides on one and now she wants to go.
I hope it lives up to her expectations.
What's your favorite carnival ride?
2.  I was able to get into my classroom yesterday.
Here are some pictures of how it currently looks.
I got a bunch done and can't wait to go in
on Monday and get even more accomplished.
You see that picture in the top left?
It has that really ugly gray electrical box
and it can't be removed.
Another teacher suggested I put a desk
in front of it and then cover the desk with fabric.
Then I could use the desk to display something,
but who knows what?
Do you have any other suggestions on how to cover that gray box
what I can display on the desk that I might end up putting there?
3.  I want to add some chairs or benches in my room this year.
I saw this at the store, but wasn't going to pay $60.
Any suggestions about benches or chairs?
I don't want anything with fabric.
I'm looking more for wood or wicker.
4.  400 Followers...almost!
I'm two Bloglovin' followers away from 400.
I notice that some people still sign up
to follow me with Google Friends,
so technically I'm over 400.
So my question to you is:
How are you keeping track of your number of followers?
5.  I just ordered our vacation photo album from Shutterfly!
Instead of working on school projects,
I created our album.
Once all the family members added their photos,
we had over 500 pics.
I can't wait to see the printed project.
Have you been working on any non-school related projects?





  1. Hello. The electrical box - does it need to be accessible at all times? I'm just asking because you might not be able to cover it or put anything in front of it. If it is magnetic, you could put different magnets on it like states, words, etc.
    I'm baffled about how many followers I have on bloglovin. I have noticed that some people have a bloglovin sign that says how many followers there are, but I can't figure out how to download that one. If you ever find out, could you please let me know?
    I'm with your daughter - I LOVE the ferris wheel the best - along with some cotton candy - yum!

  2. I keep track of my GFC and Bloglovin followers. I figure some are on both and that's ok with me. I usually follow people both ways if I'm given the option. I almost never actually get on bloglovin' to read blogs. I just read them as they pop up on my dashboard.

    The ferris wheel is the one ride I can't stand! I'll go on any fast moving, upside down, sideways ride... but I can't stand to be stuck up at the top!

    My Kinder-Garden