Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trade and Grade: Missing Numbers Multiplication PowerPoint

I'm so excited to be joining some other teachers for:

I'm going to start out by sharing my favorite part
of this event - I met another 3rd grade teacher!
I love to meet 3rd grade teachers from other states
and to share ideas with them.

I traded products with Jennifer from Laman's Terms!
My kiddos and I played her multiplication PowerPoint game:

My kids LOVED this game!
I projected it onto my whiteboard and we played students vs. teacher. 

The kids went first and picked a number off the board.

A multiplication problem with a missing factor or product was shown.

All my kids had a small dry erase board and 
had to try to find the correct answer.
If they all got it correct, they received a point.
The game is set-up so you can keep score within the PowerPoint.
Then it was my turn.
I was WAY ahead of the kids, so I offered them - All of Nothing.

They took the offer and their final problem was:
5 x ?? = 15.

They were SO excited because it was a fact everyone knew!
They won the game!
It was great to hear their positive comments
as we played the game.
It was clear they were having a good time 
practicing their multiplication facts.

Jennifer is offering a FREE SAMPLE
of this game.
Simply click on the link below.
Be sure to check out the other products that were 
Traded and Graded.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Paper Snowball Fight - Help to Get the Wiggles Out

The call just came that school is cancelled for tomorrow!
It's going to be too cold for the kids to safely get to school.
The kids haven't gone out for recess the past two days because...
it was too cold.
That's Chicago weather for you!

When the kids don't go out, 
they are nutty the rest of the day.
On "No Recess" days, I try to keep them active in the afternoon.
During math, we were doing a ton of paper cutting
for our interactive notebooks.
I told the kids to throw the scraps on the floor 
as they cut their paper.
The first time you tell them to do this,
you are going to get a ton of weird looks.
"Has my teacher gone crazy?"

When we finished cutting, 
it was time for the fight.
I reviewed the rules ahead of time:
1. No throwing paper at faces.
2.  When I say "stop" you need to stop immediately and clean up.

The snowball fight began and the kids LOVED it!
They threw the paper and kept picking more off the floor.
I gave them a minute of fun.
When I said, "Stop,"
everyone stopped.

It was a short amount of time,
but it got a few of the wiggles out.

What are some fun activities you use for "No Recess" days?