Monday, August 19, 2013

Math Vocabulary

Today is my last day of summer break.
We have Institute Day tomorrow
and the kids come on Wednesday.
I should be finishing up my plans,
but I needed a break so I'm here typing this post.
My district is starting the math CCSS this year.
One thing we are all expected to have is
a math vocabulary board.
Here is a picture of mine.
It's not the best pictures, but you get the idea.
Last year I learned a trick from another teacher,
use a glue gun.
I hot glued all the letters so there are no staples.
Also, all the edges will stay flat on the board.
As we learn new words, I will be putting them up on the board.
I want my kids to keep using the words,
so I created some math vocabulary review
activities for them.

Each card has four words
and the kids need to figure out which word
doesn't belong and tell us why.
I did this last year and the kids saw it as a game
and not math review.
The great part is there can be more
than one answer.
Most of the cards were created with a specific
answer in mind, but any answer works
as long as the kids give a logical reason.
Another review activity I made is

Again, I used these often last year.
I usually copied them back to back,
so we completed two questions.
They are quick reviews and
it gives the kids a chance to use
their math vocab.
Both items are currently on sale.
Thank you to Krista Wallden for this cute button.
What are some fun ways you review math vocabulary
with your class? 




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