Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It - Curtains

Last night I was sitting around relaxing
and then I remembered that today was Monday.
Oh crap!  I need to make something
so I can link up with Tara for...
This was a project that I started last summer
when I bought the fabric.
That's as far as I got.
So last night I finally made the curtains.
It only took a year, not too bad!
They were really easy to make.

1.  Cut the fabric into a rectangle about 
two times the size of the window.

2.  Fold, iron and sew all four sides.

Make the top edge bigger so 
the curtain rod will fit.

I got the curtain rods and hooks 
from Home Depot.
The hooks are great because you can
move them around. 
I already had to do that once today!
My curtains are not meant to
keep the sun out, but rather make
the room feel a bit cozier.
Back to working on my classroom!


  1. I really wish I knew how to sew! It would come in handy! Looks cute!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. They look great! They really make a classroom feel like home. I wish I had the motivation to make curtains for my classroom. I made them for my house and have no desire to make anymore! Maybe next summer.

    Trekking Through Third Grade

  3. They look nice! Sure, they’re not made to block the sun out, but they certainly made the room look cozier. What about the other curtains in your house? I would love to see what other designs you have for your other rooms. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Bob Ward @ Allure Window Treatments