Thursday, August 15, 2013

Classroom Management - Taming the Wild

I love that title:
Taming the Wild!
It makes me laugh.
How many times have you heard,
"I don't know how you control that many kids!"
I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin'
to share some classroom management strategies.
#1:  Have your students line up in number order.
I tried this method last year and it worked great.
No one needs to run in order to get to the front
of the line and no one can always try
to be at the back.
Kids usually are not standing by their friends
so there is less talking in the halls.
I still have a line leader
and the numbers continue from that person.
For example: Student #5 is the line leader.
#6-25 come next.
Then #1-4 follow them.
The kids didn't always like this, but oh well!
#2:  Put magnets on the student name tags.
Then you can place the name tags on the front
or side of a desk.
Also, if a student goes to the washroom,
they can put their nametag on the board.
You will always know who is out of the room.
#3:  Make a checklist of names for turning in work.
This is what mine looked like last year.
I was able to cut the lists apart
and write the assignment at the top.
As a student turned in that work,
they checked off their name.
The list always stayed at the top of the paper pile.
It was great because I could quickly
glance at the list and see who needed to turn in their work.
Have you tried something similar in your classroom?
Be sure to link up and share your ideas!


  1. I love how you line up your students, still having a line leader and the person at the end changes so the last number isn't always at the end of the line!

    Having students put their nameplate on the board when they go to the bathroom is great too. Thanks for sharing.

    Tacky the Teacher

  2. I love all of these ideas - thanks for sharing!