Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Win, Loss, A Thing of Cost - Projects, Stressed and AWESOME Mechanical Pencils

Why do I love linky parties?
They give my writing a focus.
Otherwise, I feel like I keep on rambling...
like right now.
So I'm here with another edition of
I've finally started to work on some school projects.
School starts in about three weeks,
so I still have some time.
I'm hoping to have a few finished products
to show you in the next few weeks.
I'm starting to get a little stressed.
I do this every summer.
I bring home school work
and make a ton of lists.
I tell myself I will do a little everyday
and have it all done by July.
That didn't happen, again!
Papermate 1.3mm Mechanical Pencils
862166 Papermate 1.3mm Mechanical Pencil
The father of a student from last year
works for Papermate.
One day she brought me two of these pencils.
I fell in love!!
They have a thick, triangular body.
I AM describing a pencil, nothing else.
The lead is thicker,
so it doesn't break off like the traditional mechanical pencils.
Also, they come in some really fun colors.
The eraser is a good size and last a long time.
Again, describing a pencil.
I'm going to buy some for myself
and maybe as part of a Back to School gift for my new class.
So, don't be shy.
Come and join the party with
and myself.

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  1. Mechanical pencils are my favorite! A little obsessed! Starting to gt stressed too! Yikes!!