Friday, August 30, 2013

2 Classroom Ideas From This Week

I was looking back at my posts and realized I haven't shared anything since Tuesday.  I'm definitely back in school mode!  Anyone else so busy they haven't been blogging?

Today I'm sharing two ideas I used in my classroom this week.

#1:  Helper of the Day
I'm all about keeping things as easy as possible.  This year I decided to not have jobs and instead have a helper of the day.  
All the kids decorated name cards.  I put them on a ring and hung it on the board. I change it every morning.

#2 Curriculum Night/Open House
We had our Cuuriculum Night on Thursday.  Most of the parents came for my 45 minute presentation.  Here is a picture of a student's desk.
The part I wanted to share was the index card.  I tell the parents to use it for any questions they have for me.  I collect them and respond to them in a group email.  This year ZERO parents had a question. Fine with me!

Hope you are ready to enjoy a three day weekend!


  1. I also simplified to having a helper of the day. However, I like your cute name tags better than the way I post my helpers. Thank you for the idea.

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  2. I like the cute name tags. There's so much for one or even two children to do in one day. But, perhaps this might work. Thanks for your ideas!