Thursday, January 30, 2014

Math: Get Up and Move...along with an easy giveaway!

What's one thing that can ruin a teacher's day?
Grading papers? No!
Meeting with parents? No!

Answer: Indoor Recess!
It has been so cold here and so the kids don't get outside for recess.
They are either in the gym playing board games
or sitting to watch a movie.

I have a few little guys who just need to get up and move!
Myself included.

Here is a super easy math activity.
No joke - This is nothing fancy!
I came up with it 5 minutes before we were going to start math.
 I made 5 subtraction problems and included the answers.
The trick - two of them have incorrect answers.

I placed the problems around the room.
The kids had to get up and walk around the room to find each problem.
Then they solved them to figure out which two were incorrect.

They used lined paper and at the bottom 
wrote the letters of the two incorrect problems.

I repeat, nothing fancy!'s the fun part.
Which two are incorrect?
Leave your answers in the comments below. 
I'll give away a copy of my subtraction pack.
I'll randomly choose a winner tomorrow night.
Congrats Debora W. on winning this pack!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by to figure out the answers.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Five For Friday - Weekend of Freebies!

I'm so exciting to be joining in the fun for 

The weather here in the Chicago area is been really cold.
I hate it!  You will not here be ever complain in the summer.
But, I know this will happen!
Do you want some free products?
I'm participating in a Facebook Free For All!
 Click here to get started.
I'm offering my Homophone Task Cards for FREE!
After Monday night, they go back to being a priced item.
While you are there, pick up my Football Grammar Task Cards!

My district is starting to have us test all the kids
for their reading levels.  We are using Fountas and Pinnell,
but not the whole system.  I'm pretty excited to get this done.
Does your district level the kids?
When do you get it all done?
Do you like the system you use?

We haven't had a full week of school in January.
Week #1 - Two cold weather days
Week #2 - Teacher Work Day
Week #3 - MLK Day
Week #4 - ??? It should be a full week, but rumors are swirling because 
below 0 temps are predicted for Monday and Tuesday.
How has the schedule been at your school?

Here's to a great weekend!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Writing Freebie and Best Pencil Sharpener Ever!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Are you ready for another week?
We only had 3 days last week because of the cold temps.
This week the kids are in class Monday - Thursday
and Friday is a Teacher Work Day.
Not too bad of a schedule.

I was organizing my computer files this weekend
and came across this sheet.
Here is the link:
(I tried to add the link to the picture,
but Blogger isn't letting me. 
Anyone else having this problem?)

I used it to have the kids think about how they begin their writing.

Individually, the kids ranked the openings.
Then they got together with a partner and had to agree on an order.
Each partner group joined another group and had to agree on an order.
Finally, we came together as a class to discuss the outcomes.

The next day, I saw some more exciting openings being written!

What are some ways you get kids to write more exciting openings?

The second big news...
I got a new pencil sharpener!
It's from
Do you want to see how well it works?
Here is the unsharpened pencil.

I placed it in the pencil sharpener.
I turned the handle a few times.

This is what happened!
I highly recommend having one of these in your classroom.
I'm even thinking of getting a second one.

Have a great week!