Friday, July 5, 2013

Integrating Techonology into Math

Today I'm linking up with Kristin at iTeach 1:1 for
The topic for today (actually yesterday) is integrating
technology into math.
Skitch App 

I've posted about this app before,
but my kids really enjoy it.
We used it when we wanted to document
math around the school.
These are pictures from our area and perimeter hunt.

The students went around the school
and took a picture of something that showed area or perimeter.

Then using Skitch, they added their lines
and a label.

I printed all the pictures and we hung them up.

We also did this at the beginning of our fractions unit
to show objects that were divided into equal parts.
The kids love walking around the school
to take their pictures.
It is a bit of a competition
to see who can find the coolest object.
How are you integrating technology into math?
How else could Skitch be used in your classroom?
Head on over and link up with your idea!


  1. Love this idea, glad you posted about it

  2. This is a gem! I'm soooo happy I found this. I'm totally going to use this next year! YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!

    24/7 Teacher: Amy Harrod

  3. Love these ideas! When we took math pictures, we just used the regular camera. It would be so much more fun and meaningful to use an app that lets you draw. I'll have to check Skitch. Thanks for linking up with us.:)

    iTeach 1:1

  4. This looks great! What a fun project! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Jeanette,
    Skitch is such a great app- I use it in my reading activities, but I love the hunt for real life application of finding objects that represent area and perimeter!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us!
    Learning to the Core

  6. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I use Skitch also but you kicked it up a notch!

    Rock Stars At Work

  7. What a great idea with a great app! Thanks for sharing!!