Sunday, July 28, 2013

Multiplication and Division Word Problem Activities

My district is moving to math Common Core this year.
A HUGE part of the third grade standards is
multiplication and division.
I started applying some of the standards
last year just so I wouldn't be so
overwhelmed this year.
One skill I don't always love teaching is
word problems.
I try to make it fun by having the kids write the problems.
Sometimes we act them out.
But I just can't get into the excitement of them!!
Plus, I'm not always a big fan of the problems in the
materials we are given from the district.
So I went ahead and made my own. 
This product includes:
* 16 Task Cards and a Recording Sheet
 * Multiplication/Division Sort 
Read the problems and sort them as multiply or divide.
 *Story Problem and Equation Match-Up
Read the story and match it with the equation
that you can use to solve the problem.
I've included answer keys and recording sheets
for all the activities.
Use these activities in centers or whole class.
They can be used as any type of assessment.
So share with us...
What are some fun ways you teach math story problems?

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