Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Blog Post That I Needed to Read!

My family and I are leaving for vacation soon
and I am so EXCITED!
We're dropping the dogs at my in-laws,
getting the suitcases packed
and the snacks in order.
The one thing that I was starting to worry about was...
my blog posts. 
I figured I would type them up before the trip
and just schedule them to post while I was gone.
What should I write about?
How many should I post?
If it was a linky, should I use
a few minutes of my vacation time to link-up?
Crazy thoughts, I know.
I'm weird like that!
Then, I read this blog post and I completely changed my plan.
It's a great post telling us that we need to enjoy
summer and take a break.
By doing this, it will make us better teachers,
parents and even help with product development.
So...I'm taking a break.
I may even slow down a bit when I return.
The only post you will see from me will be on Wednesday for:
I'm sure you will all be here when I get home.


  1. Have a great time on vacation!! I also believe in taking a break! Enjoy your break!

    First Grade Circus

  2. And let me be the second person to wish you a great vacation break. Enjoy it with your family.

  3. I agree....taking breaks is so important. It is important to slow down and relax and enjoy life! Have a great vacation!