Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monthly Goals - Back to School Edition

I'm taking a break from cleaning out my files
to link-up with I{Heart}Recess for
I'm running a half marathon towards the end of August.
I'd like to keep up with the running during the school year.
My ideal goal would be three days a week.
Feel free to ask me about it in October!
I have a tendency to take my papers
on nightly car trips.
You know the trips where they come home with you
and then go right back to school the next day.
The problem is you did nothing with them in the evening.
I really need to keep up with the grading and paperwork this year.
Before I had kids, I was always planned a week in advance.
Now that the kids are here, that never happens.
So this is the year for me to get back on track!
This year is going to be busy.
Here are a few of the new things in our district:
- Common Core math
- PLC's (year #2)
- Leveled library in each classroom (Everyone levels their own books)
- Each student gets leveled for reading (One day sub to complete)
- Professional development on math
and the start of Common Core reading (for next year).
My goal is to keep an open mind,
remember it is to help the students
and just do the best I can do.
This year my whole morning will be ELA time.
I'm going to have a lot of great teaching
opportunities and I need to really plan out the time.
Tomorrow is a new day!
We all have bad days
and the next day is a fresh start.
What are your goals for this year?


  1. Thanks Jeanette! It always feels good to read that I am not alone in my feeling of being overwhelmed with all of our new initiatives!

  2. We are headed the Common Core route in my district as well next year, however they will not call it that. They are just saying the NEW TEKS. love it.. good luck with your goals and your half marathon. You have a new follower
    Lessons Learned Lessons Loved

  3. This will be our 2nd year with PLC's as well-although I think they mostly turned into grade level team meetings (I think our principal is not as clear on the distinction) One of our goals this year is to focus more on the kids and data! Good luck!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  4. Good luck with your half marathon! What an accomplishment that will be.

    We've been doing PLCs for a few years. We have a whole staff PLC and then grade level ones. Its kind of nice to be able to have that time (we get one staff meeting time a month for PLC) to really be able to sit down with our teams and look at data and next steps.

    I had all of my kids before I started teaching but I have gotten out of the habit of planning ahead too....probably because things change every 5 seconds. :)

    The Caffeinated Teacher

  5. Wow! A half-marathon and implementing Common Core Math all in one year?! Both are quite the accomplishments. We are in year two of implementation of CCSS, I'd be happy to swap ideas once you dive in :-)