Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Win, Loss and a Thing of Cost

Today is Wednesday and time for another....
WIN:  My teammates and I got together and planned out
a math schedule for next year.
We are starting math Common Core and a new math series.
It was great to look over the district pacing guide
and fill in our monthly calendars.
This is something we have done in the past
and it just helps us to stay on track.
LOSS:  I saw this on Pinterest and I was so excited to try it.
It was a post telling me how to easily clean my oven
using only baking soda and water.
I love to clean and this process didn't use any nasty chemicals.
The loss is that it didn't work.
I don't know what I did wrong,
but I was really disappointed.
A Thing of Cost:  This is a shout-out to my Linky Buddy Matt
Before school ended,
Matt came into my room
and completed this activity with my class.
My kids LOVED it and so did I.
Matt let students choose a card
and then he scanned it.
All of this was done on the IPad which
was projected onto the front board.
Of course, this could easily be a center activity
or a learning activity when a student finishes their assigned work.
After the students saw the visual,
they filled in one of the activity sheets that Matt provided for them.
There was a ton of discussion opportunities
and vocabulary was a big part of it too.
You could make the lessons an hour long and do a few activities
or choose just one for a shorter lesson.
It's just a really neat product
that I haven't seen before.
There are so many different ways to use it
and you know that kids love technology!
If you have any questions about using this product
in your classroom, ask Matt.
But I would be more than willing to answer
your questions too.
We hope you will once again link up and share with us
A Win
A Loss
and a Thing of Cost!

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  1. Hi Jeanette,

    Our district gives us a pacing guide for math, too, and it helps with staying on top of where we should be.

    Those QR codes look fun! I'm sure the kids loved it.
    Learning in the Little Apple