Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday Linky - Common Core Reading Foldables

Today was the first day it actually felt like summer.
It was hot, sunny and we even set up our little pool.
My older daughter loved playing in the water
with her little cousin. 
The one year old has a cold and was not interested.
Maybe next time.
Anyway, I'm linking up today with The First Grade Parade.
I've only been blogging since February,
but I love looking back at my previous posts.
It gives me a chance to self reflect and
brainstorm ways to improve my teaching.
But I also like to reflect on my blogging style.
Here is one of my favorite posts.
I love the picture of my daughter, the cupcakes
and it has one of my favorite products featured.
I really wanted to change some parts of the post,
but I decided to keep it the same
since that is the point of this linky.
Original Post Date - 3/22/13
This week I was busy, but I didn't mind because.....
It's Spring Break!
Tonight I am linking up with Amanda from Teaching Maddeness for

And the last part of my post is for this Wednesday Workshop.

1.  The one thing that took most of my time was my little girl.  She's only 11 months old and she has a terrible cold.  It's so hard with little ones because they can't tell you what is wrong.  I'm so glad it is spring break so she can rest and get better.  I stayed home with her on Monday and Thursday.  I love surprise days at home with my girls.
Here she is on a better day.

2.  Emergency Sub Plans - I was so glad that this was the first year I put together emergency sub plans.  It was an entire days worth of work for the sub and I didn't even have to go into school.  Of course, now I have to change them, but I don't mind.
3.  Last Saturday we had the family birthday party for my now four year old daughter.  Her gift was a night with just mom and dad at a hotel with a pool.  It was a busy but fun weekend.  These are some of the awesome cupcakes that my husband made for her. 
4.  I finally finished making my informational text and literature foldables.  I loved using them this week with my students for reading.  We added them to our reading journals.  It gives the kids a great way to organize their thinking and they are all aligned to the common core. 

I'm really looking forward to this week with my girls.  We don't really have any plans and I am fine with that. 
Who else just started spring break?  Do you have any plans?

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