Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mastering Math Facts - Book Review

This upcoming school year,
we will be using Common Core for math.
One of the important parts is for my kids to
master their multiplication facts by the end of the year.
So...this book caught my eye.
When I was offered the chance to review Laura Candler's book,
I wasn't sure what to expect.
The first thing that caught my attention
was the book is aligned with Common Core.
As we all know, this is a must!
As I started looking through the book,
there were so many other features that I found beneficial.
1.  You don't need to use the whole book.
Laura suggests you assess your class
 and decide where you need to start.
As a third grade teacher, I'll be starting at the beginning.
2.  Each standard and the corresponding activities are listed.
If I need to teach or review a specific skill,
it's very easy for me to find the pages.
3.  A materials list and detailed directions are included for each activity.
Also, my favorite part, are tips from Laura on how to make
the activity run smoother.
After your students understand multiplication and division,
they can begin to memorize their facts.
Laura's book includes a program for that!
She gives ideas for evaluating your students
and putting together a motivational program.
Just like earlier in the book,
you will find LOTS of tips!
Laura shares how to practice mixed math facts daily
and progress monitor your students.
I wish I could share everything that is in this book.
It is very organized and easy to follow.
It seems like a complete program
that will be very easy for me to use in my classroom.
The book is available in print or e-book form.
Click here for the print version. 
*Bonus - You get the e-book when you buy the print version.
Click here to purchase only the e-book form.
If you have any questions,
please ask.

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  1. Jeanette,
    Thanks for the review. The book sounds good. After reading it, how do you think you will assess your students' math fact fluency? Does she talk about that? thanks again,