Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Made It - Wooden Matching Game and Freebie

It's Monday and so it's time to link up with Tara for...
As you may have read in my other posts,
our family is taking a road trip in July.
So I have been spending a lot of time planning for the big day.
One activity I found on Etsy was a wooden memory game.
Wooden Memory Game - Vroom
Handmade by Bright Lift Toys
Are they super cute?
They also cost $20.
So cheap me decided to make my own.
I'm warning you now,
you will probably laugh at how mine look compared to these.
I started with these wooden pieces. 
I couldn't find just circles and didn't feel like shopping around.
 Next, my daughter and I stamped the pieces.
We made sure the same stamp was on two pieces.
We put the pieces in a cute little bag
that was a leftover from her sister's birthday party.
We played the game.
I think I see a match!
Of course as we were making these,
my head starting coming up with ways to use these in the classroom.
I was thinking it would be fun to put math facts on each piece.
Contraction on one and two words that make the contraction on the other.
Let's keep going..... what else?
This project inspired me to make a little freebie for you. 
You can cut out the words and match up the synonyms.
You can match up the words as a noun, verb or adjective.
If you want to go with the wooden game idea,
you can glue the words onto a craft stick.
You can even write directly on the stick.
So there you have it,
my Monday Made It project.
How else could we use this idea?


  1. I love that you and your daughter made a matching game with things you already had! So clever!! This could be used easily in the classroom too:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. love this for word work, I have a ton of craft sticks! Thanks for a great freebie! I'm one of your latest followers! :)