Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rock It - Using Songs, Movement and Stories in the Classroom (Book Review)

I recently had the opportunity to review a book titled:
Rock It!  Transform Classroom Learning with Movement, Songs and Stories.
I was so excited to read/review this book because a few
students in my room have a lot of energy.
I knew I would find some ideas to use.
What I loved about the book:
1.  For each activity, Steve tells you why the movement helps our students.
2.  Throughout the book, you will find tips on how to make the
activities more effective.
3.  Stories are included to show you how the activities have worked in actual classrooms.
4.  Did you know there are specific warm-ups for students
to do before they start writing?  You will find them in this book!
Now for my absolute FAVORITE part of this book...
There are stories and movements to go along with CCSS math and ELA standards.
The one I want to try with my class is "The Story of Area."  
It's pronounced AH - re - uh.
There is a story and then movements to go along
with the story. 
Students get a chance to act out the story
to help them form of mental image of area and perimeter.
There is so much great stuff in this book.
My goal is to try one of the activities each week.
I won't get to everything this year,
but I figure it's a start.
You can read more about the book on the book's website
and the book is available as both a physical book and a digital download
on the Brigantine Media website, on TpT,
and as a physical book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
or ordered in bookstores.
I'd love to hear if you have used this book.

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  1. Thank you for the great book recommendation. I will check it out, for sure!

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