Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fun (and Super Easy) Math Fact Practice...and a Freebie

Last week it rained on Thursday.
That meant the kids were going to be
inside for lunch recess.
I dread these days because
I know the kids will be NUTS all afternoon.
 I needed to come up with an active math lesson.
So here it is!
I taped a multiplication equation onto everyone's back.
The kids walked around the room, copied equations and solved them.
So simple!
The kids loved it.
I was able to get a quick assessment of their math fact fluency
and no one was sitting down.
After we finished that activity,
I came up with another idea.
They had to line up in order based on the product of their equation.
The line went from least to greatest.
I put the cards and recording sheets on TpT as a freebie.
Click on the picture below to take you there.
Have a great weekend!


  1. What a fun activity! Those days of inside recess are definitely the worst!!


  2. Thank you for this great activity! It will always be great to get them moving around after indoor recess this winter!