Friday, September 13, 2013

Five for Friday Random Thoughts

I just made it through another week!
That means it is time for me to share my...
1.  We had an assembly at the end of the day today.  
I'm not a big fan of assemblies,
but it was awfully nice to end a Friday with it.

2.  I went to my first School Improvement Plan meeting.  
It's a school committee that my teammate usually is a part of,
but she's on maternity leave.  
I actually walked away with a few ideas
for in my classroom.
That's a first!

3.  It's Friday, so my daughters and I had our first
 "Friday Morning Starbucks"
of the school year.  
They get chocolate milk.  
I get an Iced Café Americano and a reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich.  
Do you have a weekly treat for yourself?
4.  Speaking of my two girls,
here is a picture that melts my heart.

The little one is starting to be able
to join her sister for certain activities.
5.  We used the Skitch app again in our classroom.
This time it was to show multiplication and division.
Are you ready for the weekend?


  1. Thank you for sharing a new way to use Skitch, a very cool app.

    I love that you fit in quality time with your daughters on Friday morning. That is so important!

    Fit to be Fourth
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  2. So much fun for a Friday! We used to have a school improvement team, but it was mostly showing data! Wish I could get some good ideas for my classroom from friends!

    Reading Toward the Stars