Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday - Guess my Garbage, Math Videos and WBT

You know it's a long week when you doze off as your husband reads
bedtime stories to your two little ones.
I napped for two minutes and now I feel better.
I feel good enough to share my
1.  I found a fun way to get all the kids to help clean up the room...
Basically, choose one item in the room
that you would like to see fixed/cleaned up.
Don't tell the kids what you are thinking!
Ask everyone to help clean up.
The student who fixes/cleans up
the "mystery garbage" gets a prize.
I've already given away a pencil and some playdough.
It makes cleaning up a little bit more fun.
2.  My students made word problem videos.
Each small group wrote a problem
and then acted it out.
On Monday we will watch them
and give everyone a chance to solve the problems.
They really had a lot of fun.
It's also a great way to show that word problems
are actually very short stories.
3.  Idea #2 was created by the classroom aide in my room.
She was hired to assist with some particular students in my room,
but she has helped me so much.
She always has new ideas to share with me
and I have been able to ask her for advice about certain students or lessons.
I wish these professionals were paid more
and recognized more for the huge difference they can make in a classroom. 
4.  We are exactly a month into school.
How many more to go?
Just kidding!
5.  I started trying some Whole Brain Teaching strategies in my classroom.
We've done - Class, Yes
Teach (I just say - Talk to your buddy).
What are some other WBT strategies that I need to use?
Hope your week went well.


  1. LOVE the math word problem idea. I am thinking of borrowing it when we go to our iPad lab! So much fun. I love Whole Brain Teaching, I have used it for 2 years now! I also use "Ready, Set, Go" a lot because mine love to jump the gun and start moving when I am still giving directions.
    The Blessed Teacher

  2. #3 makes me so mad. It is such a shame how they're compensated...but I'm glad it's working out for you this year!