Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Teacher, will you let us....? A free persuasive writing activity

We only have 15 days left!
I'm so excited, but so are the kids.
That can lead to a lot of behavior issues and unmotivated students.
I needed something fun to do,
so I put a post of Facebook looking for help.
I only got one response, but it was all I needed.
Day 1 – Persuasive read aloud.  We read two of the pigeon books by Mo Willems.
Day 2 – Brainstorm a list of possible activities to use in a persuasive writing essay.  My students came up with a great list, including
- no homework the last two weeks of school
- pizza party
- class lessons outside
- Electronics Day
Day 3 – Share samples of persuasive writing and record a list of what makes a persuasive writing sample great.  We read each sample, voted on a grade and discussed the positives and negatives of the writing.
Day 4 – Choose your two writing prompts. 
Fill in a map for each one. 
I used the writing map at:
Once you are on the site, click Print Blank Map
Day 5 – Write essays. 
I'm having each student write two different essays. 
My students are starting their essays tomorrow. 
They are due on Friday. 
Then I'll have the weekend to read over them. 
I told the kids I will choose the three best as winners.
I will only read their essay if it follows the criteria that we set up.
I hope to get a few up here this weekend so you can all help me choose.
If you want to see the lists we made and use my samples,
just download the freebie in my TpT store.
I'm also linking up with Molly at Lucky to Be in First for
What are some motivating activities you are trying at the end of the year?


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