Thursday, April 11, 2013

Multi-Step Story Problems and QR Codes

Don't laugh, but I just learned about these codes a few weeks ago.
I've seen them everywhere, but never knew how they worked.
That all changed, thanks to Matt over at Digital: Divide and Conquer.
After I learned about them, my first thought was MATH! 
 I love math and my kids love any chance they have to use technology.
So math seemed like an easy place for me to start.  
I started by placing these cards around the room. 
I put the story problem and the code next to each other.
Then the fun began. 
The kids went around the room with a partner
and tried to solve the story problem.
The rule was you had to show your work. 
Most of these are multi-step problems, so I needed to see each step. 
 Once the students solved the problem, they moved on to the scan.

After they scanned the code, they were given the answer to the problem.

If their answer was incorrect, they needed to go back
and figure out what they did wrong. 
I was circulating around the room the whole time,
so I could help anyone who was stuck.

I work in a school where many of the students have access
to a handheld device, so about half of them brought one to school.  
Also, they uploaded a free QR code scanning app at home. 
I had my phone and a school Ipad for us to use too.
I know not everyone has this type of technology at their school.
A math center would be a great place for these cards
if you have at least one device in your classroom. 
My kids loved this activity. 
I looked over their recording sheets and they really did a great job.
Another third grade teacher tried this today and
her kids were just as excited as mine.
Have you used QR codes in your classroom? 
Are you interested in this set of cards? 
I will send these for free to the first two people who email me.
Scan the code at the top of this post to get my email address.
Just think...the weekend is almost here!



  1. Awesome!!!!
    So glad that it worked out so well. And I know the kids must have loved it!

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  2. I love the QR code activities every one is creating! Your students looked totally engaged in the activity.

    Looking From Third to Fourth