Monday, April 22, 2013

Mighty Girl Website and Teaching Elapsed Time

For anyone who has a daughter, niece or other girls in their lives,
here is a great website for you to check out.
A Mighty Girl
I love this site.
It has everything from books to clothing and it's all centered around girls. 
You won't find princesses or ponies,
but rather positive messages about being smart and confident.
Be sure to check it out.
  I'm in the middle of teaching elapsed time and
my kids are having a hard time with it. 
 I feel that I don't have a lot of "time" to teach it. 
Today I thought about how I could break it down for them,
but I would probably need another week to teach it the way I envision. 
 I still need to teach fractions to get the kids ready for fourth grade.
Can I get through it all? 
I've created a bunch of telling time and elapsed time
 activities for the kids, so I have plenty of resources to keep us going.
Any ideas for elapsed time?
Have you ever started to teach a topic and then
completely changed how you were teaching it?

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