Saturday, February 28, 2015

Super Easy Review Activity!

So many times, we'll read something one day,
and then I want to do a quick recap the next day.
I wanted to get my kids engaged in our review from the previous day,
so I came up with this SUPER EASY review activity. 

I asked them to take out the reading from the day before.
They had to write down 4 words that they
thought were important from the reading.

Then, on the board, I made a list of all their words.
The kids came up and put a tally mark under
the four words they had written down.

Was it CRAZY up at the board?
But they loved getting up and marking their choices.
Finally, we looked at the results and circled the top 4 choices.

It was fast, easy and we were able to review what we read the day before.

What are some other ways you do quick reviews in your classroom?

1 comment:

  1. Have the students write a character trait of one of the characters in the story on a piece of scrap paper. We pull them out of a hat and have to guess which character it is.