Sunday, February 1, 2015

Compare and Contrast Literature

The past two weeks we've been working on 
Comparing and Contrasting Literature.

It was one of my favorite units so far this year.

We started by comparing and contrasting two purple pens.
Then, it was time for a pen and a pencil.

Our next activity was looking at photographs
and comparing/contrasting them.

I put the pictures around the room 
and numbered them with sticky notes.
The kids used a recording sheet
to list two things that were similar 
and two things that were different in each picture.

Then, we spent four days reading books in small groups.
Each group read two books by the same author and 
the books had the same characters.
I was able to differentiate based on reading levels.
Check out these pics of the kids reading.
I wish you could see their faces,
because they were so into the books!

Finally, each group filled in their recording sheets
to compare/contrast characters, theme, setting and endings 
of the two books.

The kids had fun and I enjoyed listening to the discussions about the books.

All the resources I used are available in my store.

I'd love to hear activities you have used for comparing and contrasting literature.
Have a great week!

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