Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cooperative Groups Spelling Game!

Every year I play this game with my kids
and every year, they love it!

It's super easy and can be finished in about 10 minutes.

I place the kids into groups of 3 or 4.
Each group needs something to write on:
Next, I give the class a very broad category.
The kids are usually good at helping with this part.

Then, I choose a letter from the alphabet.
I usually pick the common ones: R,S, T, C, B...
Finally, the game begins!
Each team must brainstorm words that start with the letter given
and the words must fit into the category.

This part usually last about 3 minutes
and I play some fun background music.
I have the rule that no team can talk when another team shares.
You talk - you lose a point!
Each team gets a chance to share their list.
The other teams need to listen and raise their hand if 
they have the same word.

Your team only gets a point if no other team has that word.
We've played one round each day this week
and the highest score so far is 10 points.
I keep track for the week and announce the winners at the end.
Then, I'll make new groups and start over.

Please note, that I did not create this game.
I found it years ago in a Scholastic book,
so I am by no means taking credit for it.
Just wanted to share something fun!

What are some other fun games you play with your class?

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