Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trade and Grade: Missing Numbers Multiplication PowerPoint

I'm so excited to be joining some other teachers for:

I'm going to start out by sharing my favorite part
of this event - I met another 3rd grade teacher!
I love to meet 3rd grade teachers from other states
and to share ideas with them.

I traded products with Jennifer from Laman's Terms!
My kiddos and I played her multiplication PowerPoint game:

My kids LOVED this game!
I projected it onto my whiteboard and we played students vs. teacher. 

The kids went first and picked a number off the board.

A multiplication problem with a missing factor or product was shown.

All my kids had a small dry erase board and 
had to try to find the correct answer.
If they all got it correct, they received a point.
The game is set-up so you can keep score within the PowerPoint.
Then it was my turn.
I was WAY ahead of the kids, so I offered them - All of Nothing.

They took the offer and their final problem was:
5 x ?? = 15.

They were SO excited because it was a fact everyone knew!
They won the game!
It was great to hear their positive comments
as we played the game.
It was clear they were having a good time 
practicing their multiplication facts.

Jennifer is offering a FREE SAMPLE
of this game.
Simply click on the link below.
Be sure to check out the other products that were 
Traded and Graded.

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