Friday, May 16, 2014

Did we get all the information? - A Get Up and Move Review Activity

This week we read and learned about the Great Chicago Fire.
The kids love learning about this event,
so it makes it easy to teach.
 We watched a movie clip, read the textbook
and used the internet to find information.

They recorded everything in a small foldable book 
with specific titles on each page.
This helped to guide them in finding the info.

Today I wanted to make sure that everyone had 
most of the info.  
I really didn't want to do usual...
sit at my projector and everyone share what they found and record what you don't have and blah, blah, blah.  Boring!
So I quickly created this idea.
The kids had to find a partner and review their info on the first two pages of their book.
Record any new info that their partner shared..
Repeat with two other kids.
Then, we continued this on all the other pages.
It worked well because I didn't have them review
the info in their entire book. I assigned one or two pages at a time.
This is not a super exciting post, 
but its an activity that worked well on a Friday afternoon
and all the kids were engaged. 
How can you use this activity?

Have a great weekend!

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