Friday, May 30, 2014

3rd Grade Summer Review Packet

7 more days!
I can't believe the year is almost over.
Every year, I have parents that want some sort of review
or extra work for the summer.
To help make my life easier, I made this 3rd grade packet.

I made it last year and the whole 3rd grade team sent it home.
Each month has a calendar of daily activities.
Some will take only a few minutes and others take a bit more time.

Here is the schedule that the kids will follow:
Monday: math review
Tuesday: grammar practice/writing prompt (alternate weeks)
Wednesday: response to reading
Thursday: math facts
Friday: spelling practice/sentence practice (alternate weeks)

I include a parent letter for you to use or you can write your own.
The parents all loved having some structured review to use.
There was also a bit of an incentive for the kids...

Any student that returned a completed packet when school started 
was invited to a pizza party.  
I bet about 25% of the kids completed the packet.
Was it a big group?
My thought was, at least I tried to help.

Are you a 4th grade teacher?
You could use the activities as homework  
or morning work at the beginning of the school year.

Hope your summer is coming soon!

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  1. How do I get a copy of this? There is no link to open.