Saturday, April 26, 2014

Website - FREE reading passage and related math problems

I wanted to share a website a colleague showed me this week.
Have you heard of

Basically, each night they add a new informational text passage.
There are high interest topics.
This week we read about taking SELFIES!
Did you know the first selfie was actually taken in 1839?
After reading the passage,
there are leveled math problems for the kids to solve.

The easy ones are REALLY easy,
but the harder ones do take a bit of thinking.
In fact, only about three kids in my class
figured out the hardest problem.

My kids just recorded their answers on the back of their paper.
I used the activity for morning work, 
but it could also be homework.
You can even incorporate some reading
skills into the mix.

I'd love to hear how you could use these passages and math problems.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to check it out!

    I {Heart} Recess

  2. I just went and signed up! Thanks for sharing!