Thursday, March 28, 2013

Math Review Cards

It's Thursday night and that means my spring break is slowly coming to an end.  The exciting part is that means we only have about two months until summer.  The part that makes me anxious is we only have about two months of school. 
Next year my district is officially implementing the math common core.  To help with the transition, our grade level teams met to discuss what each team could do to help the students for next year.  My third grade team got together with the fourth grade teachers and they let us know what skills the kids should master in order to make the fourth grade common core transition easier for the kids.
This is the part that is making me anxious.  I know I will do the best that I can to help my kids out, but there is a lot to do.  There are two things that I really think will help - math talk and daily review.  That is why I created some math review cards.

My plan is to copy the cards back-to-back and cut them apart.  Each day we can review and talk about two skills and I will still have time for my math rotations.  These cards are only covering a few of the domains, so my next task is to keep working on the other domains. 
I also think I will organize the cards so that my students can take a set home to practice over the summer.
Has your district already adopted the math common core?
How was the transition?
  Any tips to help us out?   
Happy Friday!

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  1. This the second year of teaching the common core for my school. The first year was a little tough, it was hard for us to let go of some of our beloved lessons but I'm finding it much easier this year. Your math cards look great! Good Luck!

    My Kinder-Garden