Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

It's a perfect summer day here in Chicago!
The girls are napping, dishes are done
and I don't feel like doing anything else.
So I'm linking up with Cara for
#1: First up is a pin on how to clean your oven.
This looks a lot like mine and
so I can't wait to try out this
super easy method.
#2: Next are tags for popcorn that
you give to a substitute teacher.
The idea is you add them to an unpopped bag of popcorn.
You leave it on your desk as a thank-you for a substitute
that is in your room for the day.
I think that is such a nice idea. 
#3: Here is a neat way to tie a bow.
#4: I really want to try this next year.
The students write positive statements and compliments about each other.
They put the name of the person getting the compliment,
but they don't sign their own name.
Then the teacher put them up on a bulletin board.
#5: Mailbox Clips
Put names on mailboxes with binder clips! So easy to rearrange and redo when kids move/come in the middle of the year!
I love this idea!
I currently have my mailboxes numbered,
but I always forget everyone's number.
Also, the numbers are on the sides of each compartment
so sometimes the kids forget which spot belongs to them.
This would make things so much easier and
I could change the names each year.


  1. I'm also wanting to try student shout outs next year :)

    Rock Stars At Work

  2. We do staff shout outs, and we just love receiving them. Our principals start out each staff meeting with reading the shout outs out loud! I have mine stuck to my cubby next to my computer so that I can read them whenever I need a lift. Doing shout outs with the kids is such a wonderful idea!