Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Made It - A Book Using Only One Sheet of Paper!

Welcome summer!
This is my first full week of break
and I'm loving it!
I wanted to show you....
I'm linking up with Tara to share this idea.
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some other awesome projects!
I have my kids make these a few times during the year. 
We use them when we need to record some info,
but I want to make it more interesting for the kids.
A mini-book does just that!

 First, take a sheet of paper and fold it in half.
Do this two more times until you end up with
a paper that is folded into eighths.

 Next, unfold the paper until you are back to the original 1/2 fold.
You need to cut the paper starting at the side with the fold.
Stop once you get to the middle crease.

 After you have cut it, open it up again.
This time, fold it in half the other way.
You can see where my marked line is on the paper.

This part always confuses a few of the kids.
Take the two ends, and push them together.
I'm holding only one end, because I had to take the picture!
You will notice that the paper opens in the center.

 Keep pushing the two ends and eventually they will come together.
Then, take the two pages on the left and fold them over 
to the pages on the right.
Viola!  An 8 page mini-book!
 (I'm counting the front and back of each page.)

Have you ever made these before?
How did you use it?


  1. Yes, we've used them and the kids love them. I forget from year to year how to do it so this is a great refresher course. I teach kinder and they love them! Thanks for sharing and reminding me. I'm using it again this year.

  2. I love making these booklets, too. We have used them for a variety of booklets throughout the years: poetry, grammar, mini book report, etc.

  3. Mini books are so much fun! I love using them in my class.

    Fit to be Fourth

  4. I make these with my first graders quite often. When we are reviewing a specific sound, digraph, etc. the students use words, pictures, and/ or sentences to use that phonic element. They love making the little books and sharing their creativity with others!