Friday, March 21, 2014

Trade and Grade...The Island! A Project Based Learning Activity

I was so lucky to be paired up with Matt from Digital:Divide and Conquer.
He sent me one of his favorite products:
I love trying new things with my kids 
and this product was definitely something I had never done before.

I started by reading through the whole product
and quickly learned that I didn't need to do 
every project in the pack.
I was able to pick and choose the activities
I wanted my kids to complete.

Each student was given a writing journal
to use for the project.
You definitely don't need to do this 
and could easily have kids staple together some sheets of paper.

 Each day we completed one of the "tasks" 
that was given to the students.
Many of the beginning tasks get the kids ready for the adventure.

We created maps, files and even signed a contract that was included in the pack.
Sometimes we brainstormed as a class before we started to write.
Here was our adjective list we created.
I couldn't believe my third graders came up with these words.
Can you tell they were interested and motivated?

Sometimes we brainstormed in small groups.
You can see how the kids glued the task on the one side of the paper
and then would do their writing directly across from it.

There was a lot of time to write on their own.
This packet was so easy to use and the kids loved it!
I was so comfortable with it, 
that I used one of the tasks as a lesson
 when I got observed by our principal!

After we completed some of the writing tasks,
I used them as lessons to teach revising and editing.
 They fit right in as some kids would say, "I'm done."

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