Monday, March 3, 2014

Cute Teacher Gift and Amazing Math Resource Site!

State tests started on Monday!
I hate that we take them when we still have 1/3 of the school year to go.
Oh well!  At least they will be finished.

Last week the PTA's Teacher Appreciation Committee
gave all the staff members gifts.
How cute is that?
See the glass jar?  It has a straw in it!
It's a glass water bottle.

My real reason for blogging today is to link up with Holly
from Fourth Grade Flipper for

Have you been on this math resource site?
My principal recently introduced this site to us and I love it!
There are ideas/printables for games, centers, math facts, etc.
The two items I bought and highly recommend are:
Math Journals

 and Math Projects
Sorry for the crappy pictures.

JOURNALS:  There are 90 different journal prompts for the kids.
Each page has about 30 copies of the prompt 
so everyone can cut and glue it into a math journal.
Next week, after our state testing is complete, 
I'm going to use them as Morning Work.
This will give the kids some morning math practice
and a chance for some meaningful "math talk."

PROJECTS:  This is my TRIED IT activity.
I've tried two of these and they worked out great.
This was the first one we did.
It was right before one of our long breaks from school.
The other third grade teachers and I split the kids into groups of three.
They spent about three days working together on the projects.
It was fun to meet kids from the other classes
and watch everyone interact.

The other time I used it was during my 
 addition/subtraction unit I had about eight students
that had mastered all the skills.
I put them into two groups of four and explained the project.
Each project has a directions page and a rubric.
I made a few of my own recording pages to help the kids stay organized.
For about three days, they worked on it during my math lessons.
They had fun and real life math skills were being used.

Check out these fun titles!
We are going to do the 
Tallest Buildings of the World as part of our graphing unit.

There are samples of both the journals and the projects on the website.

Please note:  If you check out the final projects shown on the site,
none of them were completed by my students.
I made it very simple and they didn't have a big display at the end.

Have you ever used this site?


  1. I LOVE this site and also have all of the journals for each grade level since I switch grade levels every year. It's a phenomenal resource!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Brilliant! I love the birthday party planning idea! Our ELA state tests are April 1-3 and we go to school until the end of June. I'll be happy to have them over but it is such crunch time right now, especially after all the snow days! Thanks for linking up! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper