Thursday, January 30, 2014

Math: Get Up and Move...along with an easy giveaway!

What's one thing that can ruin a teacher's day?
Grading papers? No!
Meeting with parents? No!

Answer: Indoor Recess!
It has been so cold here and so the kids don't get outside for recess.
They are either in the gym playing board games
or sitting to watch a movie.

I have a few little guys who just need to get up and move!
Myself included.

Here is a super easy math activity.
No joke - This is nothing fancy!
I came up with it 5 minutes before we were going to start math.
 I made 5 subtraction problems and included the answers.
The trick - two of them have incorrect answers.

I placed the problems around the room.
The kids had to get up and walk around the room to find each problem.
Then they solved them to figure out which two were incorrect.

They used lined paper and at the bottom 
wrote the letters of the two incorrect problems.

I repeat, nothing fancy!'s the fun part.
Which two are incorrect?
Leave your answers in the comments below. 
I'll give away a copy of my subtraction pack.
I'll randomly choose a winner tomorrow night.
Congrats Debora W. on winning this pack!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by to figure out the answers.


  1. C and E are incorrect.

  2. C and E are wrong.

  3. Forgot to add my email address just incase. My students are learning this now and this would be perfect.

  4. C and E are not right! :)

  5. Fun idea! C and E are incorrect. I'll be honest-I cheated and used my calculator! =)

  6. What a great idea! C & E are wrong:) would love this exta practice for my sweeties:)

  7. I like that you had them get up and move. I like to do this activity too, but I rarely have it done in advance and get it put up around the room. Your pack would be perfect for me since it would already be done for me! :)

  8. Great indoor activity! C and E are both incorrect.

  9. C and E are wrong. Love this activity.

  10. C and E are incorrect.
    Love getting them up and moving around.

  11. C and E are incorrect. Love it!!

  12. E and C are incorrect. Great activity!

  13. C and E are incorrect. My third graders still struggle with this! I would love to win.