Saturday, August 30, 2014

KABOOM! - A Review Game for Any Subject

My kids LOVE to play Kaboom!
You can use it for any subject
and it can be played whole class or small group.
Here's how it works.
Make cards with questions you want the kids to answer.
We were reviewing parts of speech,
so I put different words on the cards.

I put all the cards in a bowl 
and divided the class into teams.

Team #1 picked a word and decided if the word was a 
noun, adjective, verb or pronoun.

If they were correct, I awarded them a point.
If they were incorrect, Team #2 had a chance to answer.
Sometimes, numerous teams get a chance to answer
because no one gets it correct.

What is so fun about this game?
The KABOOM cards!

If a team draws a card with the word KABOOM,
they lose all their points.

I have used this game with parts of speech, math facts, 
social studies review and math story problems.

You can download my grammar card games for free.
Just click HERE.

I'd love to hear if you have played this game with your class.

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