Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beginning of the Year Ideas....To Save and Read Later in July!

You would think summer means a lot of time for blogging,
but it doesn't for me.
I've been enjoying time with my two little girls
and reading some great professional development books.
Thank goodness for Laura over at Where the Magic Happens
and her awesome linky about digging into the new year.
It's giving me a specific reason to blog! 
Get the new year started!

I'm not thinking about it too much,
but I will share a few ideas I'm having so far.

One thing that will be different is that we are having a 
supply drop off before the first day of school.
In the past, the kids brought their supplies on the first day.
I really like this idea better instead of wasting
two hours on the first day while we put all the supplies away.

I've been all over Pinterest looking for fun ideas.
Here are a few links I want to check out.
Super cute idea for open house or meet the teacher night.

Maybe have this at each child's desk at Open House.

I'm sure I will be making some changes with math and reading.
Here are two of the six book I bought to read this summer.

My kids loved it!
It was fun to fill it in at the beginning of the year
and check it out at the end.
We also added to it on the last day of school.

Here is the lapbook cover at the beginning of the year.

What are some tried and true back to school tips
you can share with us?

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